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Reflections on Art, Life and Ministry

I have been fascinated by Monarch Butterflies for many years. Until recently (and maybe not even now) I haven’t fully understood the significance of their transformation and life journey on my work, as an artist and the creator of a New Venture.


Let me tell you a little bit about what happens in the life cycle of the Monarch. The Monarch Caterpillar grows incredibly fast. A caterpillar is fully grown in two weeks and is 2,700 times bigger than the egg it came from. Then through a gut-wrenching process, it separates from their body much like a snakeskin which creates a chrysalis. Next, their muscles and organs dissolve leaving behind only the most vital life-supporting cells. A group of specialized cells called imaginal discs get to work, developing the insect’s new body and wings. Very soon after, the butterfly emerges as a new creation, discarding what they don’t need for the rest of their journey, a journey that can take them thousands of miles to a specific place, through multiple generations, with no written flight plan.


The idea of only keeping the most vital, life-supporting cells leads me to consider what is most vital? I have learned to embrace a rhythm of letting go of things I don’t need, surrendering things I want to keep, and hanging on to what is vital, the things of critical importance. This common thread is woven throughout my life, my art, and my ministry. It is a way of looking at the world; reserved space for those “imaginal discs” to do their work; a thread laden with hope and the anticipation of a new creation.

Below is a gallery of artwork I have made over the years. Some are available for sale, some I make as thank you's for the supporters of Butterfly Way and others are meaningful pieces I have made for clients. In addition to building a New Venture, I am still actively showing and recently have had artwork in Partner's Hall in Huntsville, the MacLaren Benefactor Art Exchange in Barrie and Orillia Museum of Art and History. For my detailed CV and Artist Statement, please click here.

Gallery: Gallery
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