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What goes on around


We're still growing and changing but a few things have become a regular affair. 


Chickens and Ducks

Henry (our rooster) might wake up at the crack of dawn, but he has to wait for a little while for everyone to get the message it's time to get up! Meet us around 9 in the morning when we let the chickens and ducks out of their coop! You can help feed and water them if you like and help yourself to fresh eggs for breakfast! The ducks are a hoot to watch in their pool having their morning bath. They love to eat your veggie and fruit scraps. We put them to bed at dusk.



Art and creativity are a vital part of Butterfly Way. Christina is an accomplished oil painter and printmaker and has experienced the healing benefits of art-making herself. Butterfly Way Studio is now open! It is a sweet little spot for all things creative, or just hanging out and reading a book on a rainy day. Christina can facilitate creative activities if you need a little inspiration.



We have been working on creating some trails throughout our property. We currently have about 2 km of trail that range from easy (and soon to be barrier-free) to more advanced. The terrain in some spots is rough and requires proper footwear and there are a couple of good hills to climb to access the wooded ridge at the back. 

We are out on the trails with our dogs, Bonnie and Clementine often. You're welcome to come along with us! The trails are marked and mapped, so whether you're staying overnight or want to come for the day, we can guide you or you can head out on your own!

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