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Our Partners

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Regan Neudorf

Implementor and Coach

"As a ministry of The Alliance Canada, we’re here to help the local church embrace Canada as a mission field and respond with compassion, hope, and curiosity."

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"We partner with Jesus to develop a prayer-centred and discipleship-driven culture, our goal is to create pathways for people—helping them to go deeper and further with Jesus. We also come alongside churches and New Ventures as they become people and places of authentic community, who serve their neighbours near and far with acceptance, truth and grace."

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The Well Community Church

Rev. Kevin Birnie

"We want to make Jesus known in order to see lives and communities transformed because we ourselves have experienced God’s work of restoring, reconciling, and renewing all things and we believe God is still up to something…today!

Simply put, our vision is to:



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