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Camp Essentials

These are the items we provide for your stay so you can pack a little lighter.
  • Welcome package (fresh eggs, homegrown produce when available)

  • Ground Coffee, Earl Grey, Chamomile, and Peppermint tea

    • Coffee press

    • Kettle

    • Two coffee mugs

    • Sugar, whitener​

    • Coleman Stove

  • Condiments - salt, pepper, basic spices

  • Drinking water​

  • Fridge w/freezer

  • Full-size BBQ w/side burner

    • propane​

    • Stainless steel large and small pot

    • Stainless steel frying pan

    • Lifter, tongs, big spoon

    • Colander

  • Toaster for fire or BBQ​

  • Paring knife and cutting board

  • Four plates, bowls, cups w/lid, sporks

  • Paper towel, cling wrap, tin foil

  • Hot dog/marshmallow roasting sticks

  • Picnic tables and benches

  • Two Muskoka chairs

  • Dining tent

  • Firewood, fire starter, BBQ lighter

  • Dishcloth, tea towel, sunlight soap

  • Outhouse, mirror, hand sanitizer, TP

  • Solar lamps

  • Thermocell + refills, bug spray (with DEET)

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