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Thanks for stopping by! And a note of caution...

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Thank you for visiting my website! I am truly thankful for your willingness to engage in my journey of healing and ongoing pursuit of the work Jesus is doing to heal others. If you have experienced crisis or trauma, some of the content in my blog posts may be triggering. That is a normal response to a traumatic event. There are many techniques that are helpful in maintaining calm such as deep belly breathing (take a slow deep breathe as though inflating a balloon in your tummy, then slowly exhale) or take a moment and ground yourself by becoming aware of your surroundings, pick 5 things to focus on, the colour of the couch, your feet on the floor, the plant in the corner, the texture of your coffee mug, and perhaps the weight of your phone in your hand.

Although I am a Pastoral Counsellor with specific training in crisis intervention, I am not a Psychotherapist or Psychologist. If you have or someone you know is struggling with trauma, I can provide support to you in the interim and help you find a certified therapist to work with as you heal. I have been supporting people for many years through different types of traumatic events; Butterfly Way is the beginning of "an official response" to this calling. It also represents my personal journey of transformation and my desire to facilitate and support transformation in others.

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