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Making Things New

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to share some of my journey with my friends at Vox Alliance in Barrie. This was actually the third time Nathan and I have done an interview since 2014. If you'd like to watch, our interview can be found here.

I admit I had a hard time pulling together what I needed to share. As most of you know, it’s been a heck of a journey and I’ve done a lot of things in a short period of time. Living life in an intentional way envelops so much meaning and personal investment, I really wanted to share all of it! Other than how long it would take to tell the whole story, the problem is that it can sound like a laundry list of things I did which doesn’t really express the heart of the matter. Value isn't found in the things we do, but rather the person we are becoming.

In the interview, one of the things I talked about was resigning as Associate Pastor at Vox and beginning my Apprenticeship with New Ventures, in partnership with the Central Canadian District. I didn’t have a chance to explain that my partnership has since changed.

I was elected onto the District Executive Committee (the board of directors for our District) and since I am now a member of the board I can’t also be an employee of the District. They had to fire me! Haha not really but it meant I needed to find a new partner. So, last October I had a conversation with Nathan and thankfully he and the elders agreed to become my sending church. That means my credentials have once again, found a home at Vox, but this time as a New Venture Apprentice. This relationship is one that I grieved as a loss but even it is being made new.

I am grateful for their partnership. The leadership, Nathan and Tim especially, have a lot of experience in forming a new charitable organization through their work with Redwood Park Communities, as do many others who have worked alongside them for many years. They have a deep understanding of what is required of someone on this type of journey and have a great deal of practical knowledge which I have already benefited from.

Vox has a history of bringing up new leaders and being a place where learning and growing, (and all of the ups and downs that often accompany growth) is not only encouraged but is truly part of their DNA. Although I have spoken at Vox a number of times, this was a great learning experience. Talking about The Butterfly Project to churches and other groups is something I hope to be doing a lot of in the future.

It was a healing experience as well. Distance and Covid have created some challenges but finally being able to be with the tribe "where I grew up" was really great.

Your prayers, comments, likes and shares are SO appreciated. For those who have been financially supporting my journey so far, thank you! I really couldn’t have gotten this far without your prayers and financial support!

You can still donate through the New Ventures website but now you can also go to the Vox website and select my name from the drop down. You will also find my past interviews and sermons there if you're interested.

Your donations make it possible for me to continue to build relationships within my community and beyond and figure out all the nuances of creating something new! Speaking of new, my print collage, "deconstruct, reconstruct, deconstruct, reconstruct..." that I talk about in the interview will be part of an art show at Partners Hall in Huntsville this month. Stay tuned for an update about that!

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