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A Culture of Goodness

For the past nine days I’ve been wanting to sit down and write but have been unable to! I have what they call a PMA or persistent migraine aura. I have had migraines in the past but not like this. Every day for the past week I have gone to bed with the hope and expectation I would wake up the next day and it would be gone. Then I could sit and write. By day four I thought I better speak with a Doctor. They had two concerns: stroke and retinal detachment. Both of these things need to be ruled out before they can diagnose PMA. Thankfully neither stroke or RD is the problem but I woke up this morning and the aura is still there. There’s nothing to do but wait until it goes away. I’m getting used to it but I’m eager to get back to my regular comings and goings even though my body doesn’t want to cooperate. I’m trying to ignore it right now.

If you're the praying type, I welcome your petitions on my behalf :).

I want to share with you an interview I participated in last summer about a book we read called A Church Called TOV. You can listen in here. It was a difficult but liberating read. The authors called out some of the most toxic behaviours and attitudes that have been present in churches. One of the points that has been etched in my brain is the idea of false narratives. A false narrative is what some (toxic) leaders create in order to maintain the status quo, change popular opinion or in the worst case, hide a wrongdoing. It is a manipulation and an abuse of authority. It can be intentional or passive - like sweeping a problem ‘under the rug’ hoping no one will come along and trip over it or simply not saying anything at all.

I was grateful for the opportunity because it is something I feel passionate about and am mindful of as I move toward shaping an organization. I want to establish an honest and authentic organization, right from the first thoughts of it. I don’t see how an organization with a conscience could serve vulnerable people without transparency. I also want the people who engage in this journey with me and support my apprenticeship with New Ventures to have confidence in my integrity as a human being.

I hope you enjoy the conversation.

And despite my recent health issues, I’m still busy making gifts for my supporters and have shifted to making some Christmas themed prints. Having something in front of me to stay focused on actually helps the visual distortions.

Details are below, however, if you make a donation this month, I won’t get the report until December 15 - so PLEASE message me, or whatever way you normally do :) if you want/need your gift in time for the holidays (especially if you want some handmade cards to give away!)

For donations up to $20, I will send you a small (8x10" or less) handmade print made by yours truly. (Fine art prints are an affordable way to grow your art collection and make great gifts!)

If you donate $30, I will send you a gift of 5 hand-printed cards with envelopes.

*For donations of $50+ I will send you a hand-printed t-shirt. All you have to do is tell me your size and preferred colour.* I cannot guarantee timing for Christmas on t-shirts, if you would like this gift, best to contact me to discuss.

For a donation of $100 or more, I’d love to send you the whole package. (same deal here on the t-shirts)

Check out my online gallery to see some of the artwork I have made!

All donations are tax deductible. If you would like to support my apprenticeship and the things I'm working on, please click here (the page sometimes takes a moment to load).

Thank you!

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