Reverend Christina MacBean

Christina is a lifelong learner and as a result has a diverse educational portfolio which includes an Honours Diploma in Fine Art, a Bachelor's Degree in Law and Justice, and a Master of Theological Studies specializing in Counselling and Spiritual Care. Her combined giftedness, education, and experience have given her wisdom, insight, and compassion for those who are hurting.

She loves to inspire people to explore nature, faith, and the arts. In addition to being a Reverend and licensed worker with The Alliance, she is a professional artist, having exhibited paintings and prints locally, Nationally, and Internationally. She is the volunteer curator for the Huntsville Library and Algonquin Grace Hospice.

She has longed to create a place where people who have been through a crisis can go, to rest and recover, with support. Through her own experiences, education, and training, as well as her love of the outdoors, it all comes together under the umbrella she calls Butterfly Way. She has been leading this New Venture with her family and with the support of friends throughout The Central Canadian District.